czar press design

It was a dream to do some in-house branding for a shop that I genuinely loved working for. The brand was already strong when I arrived at Czar, so I had a blast getting to create some more printed goods for such a fun brand. And then what's more fun than
seeing your work printed with the fanciest methods out there?


Here's some work I did for a super rad print shop in Irvine, California.

My first design project at Czar was a golden ticket
I designed in one afternoon when we'd just discovered
how good digital printing appeared on the mirri paper.
Then the thief sticker needed to be made, and then
things started getting requested and printed just for
fun promotional projects.

Illustration overlaps so much with design for me, and
       there's no task as enjoyable as being allowed the
                              freedom to create something for
                                      print with my own voice so loud. 

seattle washington // southern california //


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