Slow Process {printed zine}

Slow Process {printed zine}


Created out of words, paintings, photos, and sketches from my notebook journal over the past two and a half years, this full color zine is a collection of process and reflection exploring identity and growth in one of the most arbitrary stages of life. It comes from being tired of feeling lost, a fear of trusting myself, and pressure to find direction quickly and easily when that's just not possible. Though the inside is only eight pages, each page is a collage and a story: days, weeks, or months of life lived. Maybe come back to me in three more years and I'll have pages to add. 


I invite you into the mess of colorful, glitchy, layered oatmeal that is my brain; I hope that you can receive my voice and value your own.


Assembled by hand, printed on 100% cotton paper. 5.75x5.75" 12 pages including cover.

seattle washington // southern california //


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