In Deep

I need a better outlet.

After journaling for almost ten years I've realized that it limits me. My day to day was being recorded so I could go back and live each day but then my attitude about it was that I could just pass by each day and not really live in it. I need to be where I am, and I need to be there so much more than I have been.

Journaling in a ruled notebook was helpful in learning how to articulate myself but I need a better way to manage my thoughts and make sense of the mess that is my brain. I'm realizing the depth of thoughts that I'm now attempting to sort through. I'm learning more about so many things. I can't express them fully in any sort of way so I am going to try every sort of way.

People have depth. That'll be a theme. I have depth. I am learning myself and in that, I am learning how much I can think and how much I have that I can think about. It's endless, it's vast and it's not been sorted through. But things keep being added in on a daily basis and if I don't have an outlet they'll just make more of a mess in there. Not terrible, but I'd like to understand it somehow better.