This is about you. But it’s mostly about me.


This is about the value of genuine relationship and human connectedness. 


Not handing someone your business card with the promise of some service or an effort at professional network building. To me, that doesn’t really categorize as relationship yet. Where is the honesty that builds trust and allows an individual to be heard, where is the understanding that allows for mutual and continual giving and taking?


I want to put in more effort than that. 


So I make business cards with as much sincerity as I’ve got because I don’t want our connection to be solely based on your career or my career; I want it to be about what makes you who you are and me who I am. 


I send postcards out because I want most of the work to be about the interaction between me and another person. The colors I put onto a piece of paper are touched by me then let go to be touched by that other person and others until they find me again. 


I know these pieces of paper are not a primary form of connection or communication as much as they once were, but there is realness I find that I love in the physicality of a piece of paper we both touch.


The imagery I use in all my pieces reflects my process of learning; while still messy and stumbling through, I am not doing it independently.
This is about the realness of being who I am, feeling what I feel, giving myself generously to people I love while realizing what I need and want and must ask for.