tell me something

Interaction is important. There is something magical and wonderful about a piece of paper that travels to you, through unknowns and then back to my hands. Here are over 60 postcards that made those journeys, holding stories, facts, jokes, quotes, whatever you wanted to tell me. 

For the postcards still out in the world.... I do hope you find me sometime. You are still welcome.

This is my senior thesis show about the value of genuine relationship and human connectedness, explored through mail interaction, business cards, zines and a place for viewers to submit responses.

This is about the realness of being who I am, feeling what I feel, giving myself generously to people I love while realizing what I need and want and must ask for. 

what's wrong?

Sure, there are good things in the world and in our lives. But there are also hard, broken, incorrect things. There is something for you to put into this box, wherever and whoever you are. And that is valuable and beautiful.

I thought I'd created this space for you, and I had, but it did so much for myself that I didn't think to expect. So many of your hard things are the same as my hard things, and I felt understood and heard by you. As I read many of them, it felt like you were reaching back to me. None of us are alone.

just as you please

This is a grieving process.


Each of these is created through finding myself left in the spaces around what has been lost, spending time with first the joys and then the sadnesses of words that now mean universes to me, discovering what colors and feelings exist there.


It is being left in the absence of those things
that causes me to feel the gravity of loss while finding understanding of only the great joy and love
that could leave such a heavy hole.

all my contacts

This is a collection of business cards I created for each of my 385 contacts I had saved on my phone at the time. From my One Time Best Friend and the Not Sure to the Sister and the High School Crush, there is so much minimization that happens in a label.

Business cards seem to exist to offer the promise of something. Though not a primary form of communication, they hold some value. And I will always wish for them to feel more honest.

take what you need, give what you can

There are words that I wish I could have and words that I wish I could always be able to give. Every relationship is made of both the giving and the taking and everybody is stumbling through their own process of learning what it means to be a human.


 In a world of our weird social currencies and prescribed values on pieces of paper, these are the pieces of paper and the words that hold value to me.