In creative work, I occupy some space in the overlap of art, illustration, and design; there is no definition. When tasked with a design challenge, I jump at chances to draw or paint something original. My design style leans toward being highly illustrative, though I also believe in strong branding and power in visual voices apart from my own tendencies.


I love the print world, and my knowledge of it is extensive from my years spent at a full service letterpress print shop. Most of my time was editing other people's designs, which taught me to appreciate clean files above all else, to work with speedy turnarounds, to be absurdly nit-picky, able to catch all typos, and to be adaptable and open to a wide range of styles. 


So have a look, and please reach out if you have any questions, would like more detail photos, or want to work together!

seattle washington // southern california //


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